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Ngā Pōtiki Housing

‘Everyone should be able to enjoy a warm, dry home and a healthy family – and the two go hand in hand. The Ngā Pōtiki Strategic Housing Plan 2013-2043 aspires to develop, maintain and manage quality, affordable housing for Ngā Pōtiki.’

Manawa Community Housing Trust (MCHT) is a registered Community Housing Provider and a charitable Trust tasked specifically to provide housing solutions for our Ngā Pōtiki whānau.

MCHT delivers housing services for Ngā Pōtiki.

The average cost of a new house in Tauranga is currently $850,000 and costs Māori whānau approximately 28 times their annual household income to buy a new home in Pāpāmoa (the average annual Māori household income is just $30,000.00).

The rental market is equally unaffordable. There are approximately 30,000 tenants on the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) Housing Register waiting for public housing. Transitional or emergency housing is a nightmare with whānau living in hotels and having to re-qualify every 12 weeks to stay in emergency accommodation. These pathways offer little stability, security or certainty for whānau.

The Ngā Pōtiki Housing Strategy seeks to respond to these challenges and ensure that Ngā Pōtiki members have access to quality affordable housing options that suit their needs and aspirations.

The Strategy

Ngā Pōtiki ā Tamapahore Trust has formulated a number of housing-related strategies to deliver and build housing for Ngā Pōtiki whānau within Tauranga Moana. The majority of housing solutions will be provided within Pāpāmoa and on land owned by Ngā Pōtiki or Ngā Pōtiki Partners.

Through these strategies we will look at Rental Homes; Affordable Homeownership; and Kaumatua Kainga. More about these can be found below.

Rental Homes

We are currently planning to build 30, two, three and four-bedroom rental homes as affordable and social rental housing for Ngā Pōtiki whānau.

Affordable Homeownership

We are currently designing a long-term lease rental home ownership option where whānau lease sites in the Manawa subdivision from Ngā Pōtiki at nominal cost and own the home they build on the section with Westpac mortgaging.

Kaumatua Kainga

We are currently designing and planning to build 20x 2-bedroom rental units in Manawa for Ngā Pōtiki kaumatua. The Kaumatua Kainga will be situated in Manawa subdivision.

Other Housing Services

Ngā Pōtiki can also provide general housing assistance and housing support services. Contact Traci-Wepiha-Te Kanawa for any housing queries or assistance at

Healthy Home, Healthy Whānau

Manawa Community Housing Trust is committed to:

  • Assisting ou Ngā Pōtiki whānau into suitable housing.
  • Building our homes with a Home Star 6 rating so whānau benefit from the best insulation, double-glazing and well-built, warm, dry housing. A healthy home leads to a healthy whānau, which results in less doctor visits, reduced occurrences of respiratory illnesses and illnesses suffered by our kaumatua, especially in winter. In our experience, whānau live longer in warm, safe homes and kaumatua on average live another 10 years if they are in appropriate housing.
  • Providing affordable housing. Quality affordable housing relieves financial stress and increases the productivity of our kids in schools and  of mums and dads in work.
  • Providing housing security, which relieves the stress of uncertainty that comes with not having stable accommodation. Having housing security is peace of mind.
  • Providing a sense of place. Your home is your castle where you and your whānau can be safe – it’s a place for whānau to be whānau.
  • Providing accessible homes using industry-best practice to accomodate our kaumatua and whānau with disabilities with level entry, design that provides for wheelchairs and walking frames.